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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fabric Puzzle!

Pardon the dark pictures... the rain was annoying!

I saw this project on Craftiness is Not Optional.  You can get the tutorial here.  I love the fabrics that CINO used!  I wasn't sure that I wanted to use regular repeated patterns.... I was thinking they might be too hard since there's no real border for these puzzles.
The blocks were from Casey's Wood Products.  I used the 2 inch cubes/blocks and I ordered enough for four puzzles (figured I'd need them and then I'm only paying shipping once.)  I looked around and Casey's was the best price I could find.  The blocks were smooth and a good weight.  They were not all exactly the same size, but it didn't really matter.... just had to trim fabric here and there.
This one is a bit difficult to put together, but puppies are fun.
I was so excited to find some fabric panels and fabric story books to use as the puzzles.  I think they worked out great.  My sister helped me!   She used the foam brush and put the decoupage on the blocks and I put the fabric on the blocks.  It was a great system!  Instead of pressing the blocks down with my hand, I used a white sheet of paper.  It helped to keep my hands from getting too sticky.  =) 

LOVE the Pokey Little Puppy!
After it dried I did another coat of decoupage a few days later.  This sealed in any loose ends and put a nice finish on the blocks.  

I just couldn't resist Paddington Bear!  I wrote the message using a fabric pen and sealed it with my iron.

AND then you have 6 puzzles in 1 !  =) TADA!
Of course, I had to make a cute drawstring bag to hold all the blocks.   It's functional in that it can always hold the blocks, and it's $$ saving because I didn't need to wrap it!

Drawstring bags are really easy ~ I'll post a tutorial soon!