Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flower Headband ~ Tutorial

I just love this headband!  My sister in law was wearing one and she asked if I could make her more.  They are so super cute!  We were on vacation at the time so I traced hers onto paper towel to make a pattern.  I didn't really like the flower on hers... so I made up my own!  This is so easy.  =)

Please read all instructions before starting the project!  (I promise, it helps!)

What you need:
Fabric for headband and flower
Sewing Essentials: pins, iron, sewing machine, etc.

This style is tied in the back under the hair.  (Like you would a bandana.)  I thought about making an official pattern for this, but the reality is... you don't really need it!  Here are my basic dimensions, and a picture of graph paper to help.

1.  Start with a piece of fabric that is 35 inches x 3 1/4 inches.

2.  Fold the piece in half matching the 3 1/4 inch sides.  You now have a piece that is 17 1/2 x 3 1/4.

3.  Shape your headband.  The 3 1/4 inch fold is the center and will not be cut.  Refer to the diagram for my exact dimensions.  You need to add 1/2 inch all the way around the head band to account for the edges.  (This is actually adding 1 inch to the total.... so if you want a finished 2 1/2 inch width you would cut 3 1/2 inches.)  You can really make this however you want, but one thing I do think is important are the ends.  Since this is a 'tie' headband make sure the ends can be tied.  My ends are 3/4 inch finished and 3 3/4 inch long. (in diagram that's the last dot to the end)

4.  After it is cut out then get out your iron!!  Press the edges 1/4 inch and then another 1/4 inch to encase the raw edge.  Pin often!!!! 

Ohhhh, purple zebra All Pinned Up!
5.  Topstitch being careful to catch all the layers.  If you are too close to the edge you don't actually catch the raw edge that's hiding underneath!  To prevent this from happening stay closer to the inside fold rather than the edge/outside fold.

NOTE:  My sister wanted BLACK (and I had none) so what you see above is the "wrong side" even though its a print.  Sorry if that's confusing!

The Back!  All topstitched!  (Here you can see what I mean in step 5 about keeping the stitching close to the inside fold.)

THE FLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just used muslin and grey thread (she didn't want any color).

1. Cut out a circle!  Mine was not really perfect, and I liked it better that way.  I made it just slightly larger than the width of the head band.  It was a little bigger than 3 inches in diameter, and was really more oval than circle.

2.  The flower is made with strips of fabric that are between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch wide.  Depending on how you make your flower the length can be anywhere between 15 inches and 30 inches!

NOTE:  I found that it is easiest to work with strips cut on the bias.  They are much easier to manipulate and they lay nicely when the flower is done.  Also, those cut on the bias will not fray as much as the ones cut on the grain. 
However, it is not a must.  There are pictures below of ones that were cut on the grain.

 3.  Take your strip and start in the center of the circle.  Back stitch to secure.

4.  Begin making a circle with your strip and do your best to sew in the middle of the strip.  If your machine has 'needle down' capability, this is the time to use it!  Every time you make a turn be sure that your needle is down.  Lift the presser foot and spin your fabric to your next desired angle.

Keep spinning!  I found that using a bone folder (or knitting needle) helped to keep the edges of the strips where I wanted them.  My main goal was to not accidentally tack down any edges.  I did 'finger press' my strips in half to give me a 'guide' as to where the stitches would go.

Still winding!  It definitely helps if you do not Pull on the strip.  Let it be loose.  There is no 'wrong' way to do this.  You can always trim the edge of your base circle if your strips don't end up being exactly on the edge.

This is what the back looks like.  =)

And the front!!!

5.  Now to put it on the headband!  Tack it down in four places.  I didn't really feel the need to sew any more circles!

I did my best to find the areas between my stitching.  I folded the edges of the strips back so I could tack it down just going through the base circle.  My 'tacks' never went through any strips.

 The back! (see how the flower overlaps a bit...)

At the request of my sister I put the flower on an angle rather than right on the center.  I think it looks great!  (Rainy skylight picture.)

 Here you can see the off center placement.

Love the purple zebra one!
More flowers... because I didn't want to do laundry.

 Muslin base, Pink strips cut on grain, Pink thread
 Muslin base, Pink strips cut on grain, Pink thread
 Pattern base, Muslin strips cut on bias, Pink thread
 Muslin base, Muslin strips cut on bias, Pink thread
Muslin base, Pattern strips cut on grain, Pink thread

That was fun!  Now what to do with all of them!!  I guess I'll be making a ton more headbands.  I think the next one I make will have more than one flower.

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Thanks for such a detailed and easy to understand tutorial!! It is very nice! PJ Taylor

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Very, very cute!!! I haven't yet been able to invest in a machine, but hope to soon and will definitely try this!

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This is super cute! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for commenting on my blog about my ottoman. I would love for you to share this with us. I host a link party on Wednesday!
Hope to see you there.
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I have a serious obsession with headbands and this idea is so awesome, I have to try it!

Sofia L said...

That looks like tons of fun. Have you thought about putting your flowers on a bobby pin? I like to put my flowers in my messy bun. I'll have to try this now that I have bangs so I can keep them out of my face when I have my hair up. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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This is super cute! Thanks for sharing.Emerencia.

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Cute! Like the new format, too.

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love this so much! Great tutorial!

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These headbands are adorable! I will be sharing a link on my blog to this tutorial later today!

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