Friday, September 28, 2012

My Craftroom!

There are so many things I should be doing right now!  None of them include posting on my blog, but oh well!  =)

A few weeks back my craftroom was clean so I took some pictures!  I always think its fun to see how everyone organizes their space, so I thought I would share mine!


Here's the view from my husband's "half" of the room.  Yeah, I'm slowly pushing him out.  He seems somewhat okay with it.... hehehe.  I absolutely love my HUGE cutting table.  It's 72 inches long!!!  I LOVE my skylights.  They are so awesome on the rare occasion that I get to sew during the day.  Yes, those are sticker gerber daisies!!  I bought the decals at target.

This is my sewing corner.  Pictures can be hard to take because I'm not a good photographer and the skylights make the light in the room funny!  There's a serger in front of the window and my sewing table to the right.  My sewing machine is from the 70s.  It's a White that my Grandma gave me and I Love it!!!  Pegboard above the sewing machines makes for great storage of my rulers, etc.  

A closer view

Fabric storage!!  The bottom is an old TV stand.  The top, covered with a sheet, is a bookshelf that I got at goodwill for $3 see post here.

Unveiling the fabric!!  It is all sorted.  I just like the cover for dust.  The TV stand has glass doors so that fabric is fine.  

On top of the TV stand I store my knitting needles and crochet hooks!  My sister decorated the glass in puffy paint for my wedding.  It's so cute I just had to display it.  

A couple of old sewing machine drawers hold some little things that I have in canning jars.  I really need to make the tops pretty, I just haven't gotten around to it yet!

The other side of the room is all kinds of fun storage!!!  I love my bookshelves!

The bottom containers are unfinished projects.  The colored baskets are yarn, and the rest is all labeled crafty stuff!  I love knowing where everything is!!!! There are some opera scores tucked in there for good luck.

This is a fabulous piece that my mom got for me!  It was originally used to store music folders in a school.  I painted it and then my sister helped me glue the pink ribbon on the edges.  It was a bit beat up from use, so the ribbon really covered that and made it look pretty!  We also decoupaged polka dot paper on the top and bottom.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I store my scrapbooking stuff, quilt patterns, interfacing, you name it.  Everything is there!

Lastly I'll leave you with my lovely futon and Orlando Bloom!  Design wall up above with my fun colorwash quilt in progress!