Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taggie Blanket & another Pillow

We all know that I just love making taggie blankets.  They are so fun and happy!!!  I made this one for my best friend's new baby.  I added his initial for fun.  I am just loving applique right now!!!!

Since the taggie blanket is really only around 16" square it doesn't really need quilting.  However, I tacked down the center and a few other places using some fun stitches.

As always, minky on the back!!!  =)

My blanket stitch works like a dream.  Also, I love my new applique presser foot.  It is clear and short and fabulous.  By putting the needle all the way to the right I can get the most perfect blanket stitch ever!  (That was a valuable tip I learned from the applique class I took last month at Thimbles!)

Do you want to make a taggie blanket?  Well then visit my tutorial here!!!

I also made a "big brother" reading pillow for the new big brother in the family.  He's 3 and just loves the movie Cars.  I found this minky type fabric in the remnants bin at Jo-Ann's.  I grabbed a 27inch pillow form and make a huge pillow!  It was a big hit!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Amy Butler Floor Pillow

 Last Christmas I made a really fun pillow for my niece.  It was a great project, and didn't take too terribly long to make.  I used the pattern from Amy Butler's book "In Stitches". 

The pattern was good, but required me to waste a ton of fabric because the dimensions didn't divide nicely into normal fabric cuts.  Rather than buy a ton more fabric than I needed, I improvised.  I put some minky in the middle and used up all of my fabric rather than buying twice as much as I needed and wasting a ton to get a single cut of fabric!  I think it came out great!!!  (As you can see Princesses are all the rage.)

One of the main reasons I made the pillow was because I had this fabulous Bernstein Bears print that I just couldn't cut up!!!!  It was perfect for opposite the Princesses.

I filled it with regular stuffing, and I'm sure at this point it is really flat.  I should probably restuff it!!!  I made some fabric buttons and tufted the pillow to keep everything in place.

All in all it was a hit with my niece.  Sorry for the bad pictures, but I forgot to take pictures before I gave it to her... so these pictures were in desperation at the end of the evening!!!

Just for fun we also got her a Princess book and a Bernstein Bears book!  =)
Happy Sewing!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Madrona Road Table Runner

 The Modern Quilt Guild did a really fun challenge forever ago.  We received a package of fabrics from the Madrona Road collection by Michael Miller.  The only 'rule' was that we were to try a new technique.

I had been just LOVING Jacquie Gering's book Quilting Modern so I decided to do something from the book.  I have also always wanted to do a string quilt, and so I settled on the Fractured Quilt from her book.  Obviously this is just a small table topper, but I had a great time creating the squares to put it together!

As you can see I just straight line quilted it in all different directions.  All in all I think it turned out pretty cool.  These colors don't match my house at all so I gifted this runner to my brother and sister in law because it matched their kitchen!

I used the remaining fabric to piece the back!  tada!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winner!! Winner!! AGAIN!!!!

Yes, you read that right... I won AGAIN.... In the same week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow.  I should buy a lottery ticket!!!

I entered just about all of the giveaways for Sara Lawson's Purse Palooza.  She blogs over at SewSweetness and is just fantastic.  Her book Big City Bags just hit the shelves!  (It is on my Christmas wish list (link here) along with Tula Pink's Aurifil thread set (link here)hint, hint, wink, wink, family who reads my blog...... 

Did I mention that Sara lives in Chicago?  Yep, the best city ever.

 What did I win?  None other than FIVE Anna Maria Horner Bag Patterns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm going to make the Multi-Tasker Tote first.  I just have to figure out what fabric to use..... decisions, decisions.

 Then I'll make the "Sidewalk Satchel" because I just love the shape and the pleats!

Who doesn't need a clutch?

Too many to chose from!!!!  I definitely already cut out all of the pattern pieces for each of these.  I was watching TV with my husband and just started cutting!  Why?  Because there is nothing more annoying than wanting to sew a bag, and then have to cut pattern pieces.  Now when I'm ready to jump in, my patterns are too!!! 

This one looks awesome too!!  So many choices.....
Thanks Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Winner!! Winner!!!!

You know, you enter fun giveaways on blogs and never really expect to win.... and THEN YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I won an AWESOME giveaway from Leona's Quilting Adventure!!  She is celebrating her birthday month by GIVING AWAY gifts.  Wow.  Shouldn't she be receiving gifts?  Anyway, I was super excited to win!  You should go visit her blog! 

 Check out my loot!

I just LOVE the brush.  It is so great for cleaning out my machine, etc.  The Midwinter Reds are so pretty AND they come with a hexagon template!  Of course, there can NEVER be too many seam rippers in my sewing room!  =)

Here you see two fantastic patterns!  The one on the right is actually a quilt size reference card, but I have it turned the wrong way for the picture! whoops.....

We all know that everyone needs a Hello Kitty notepad!  It is most definitely in my purse right now!

Thanks Leona!!!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Pumpkin Table Runner!!!

Well!  I'm back!!  I'm really going to try and post ONCE A WEEK!  Wow... that seems like a big commitment now...  I think I can!  I have SOOO many projects to show you from the past year.  I've been sewing a bit here and there just no time for blogging.  Anyhow.... 


I'm going to start it off with my very awesome pumpkin table runner!!!  I LOVE THIS!  I started it not one, but TWO years ago.  I found the pattern from the Plaid Scottie. It is still available here on her website.  

 They are all 12" blocks of a scrappy log cabin.  I made 7 blocks because my dining room table is soo big.  It was super fun using up all of the orange scraps in my stash!!!

The beige fabric actually has music notes all over it!!!  I'm in love with this print.  I bought three yards of it, and sadly I'm almost running out..... I guess I'll just have to buy more!

I actually free motion quilted this on my fantabulous BERNINA.  I'm so in love with my machine.  sigh.  I started with the BSR, but then bailed on it.  It kept beeping at me.  I suppose I can just shut off the beep, but it seemed easier to just try my foot instead.  It worked pretty well.  The stitches aren't perfect, but no one at my house is looking that close. 

I tried my binding a new way!  I sewed it to the back and then brought it to the front.  I used my awesome #10 Edgestitch foot.  I know everyone says to use a walking foot for binding, but I just found my Edgestitch foot helped me be really accurate!   I'll be using that foot from now on.  It looks great on the back because the stitch is right in the ditch. (forgot a picture...sorry)

So what was I going to do with all the leftover scraps that didn't make the 'audition' for pumpkins?  They all went to the back!!!  No scrap was unused!

 I quilted with Aurifil thread.  It was so great!  I had a small spool and wasn't paying attention... and I ran out like 7 inches from the end!  I guess I should have FMQ'd bigger loops!!!  (The really amazing thing was that the spool and bobbin ran out at the SAME TIME. wow.) Anyway, I was so hell bent on finishing that I grabbed some other thread that mostly matched, and finished.  It turned out fine, but I definitely like Aurifil best!

Fun pumpkin!

Did you have any big finishes this week?????????