Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peacock Themed Wedding Fun

A good friend of mine got married recently and I was lucky to help with some of the preparation!!!!  Two of us and the bride got together to finish off crochet clutches, decorate a unity candle, and make peacock head pieces for all the bridesmaids!  Oh, and we might have had some chocolate wine as well.....

mmmmm.. chocolate wine with our creative mess in the background!


Decorated Unity Candle!

Peacock feathers were glued onto a hair clip or a headband.  Bling was added because bling is awesome.

 Beautiful Headband!

There were a few headbands and a few clips.  They all look so great that its hard to tell which is which!

Lots of feathers!

Bling always helps!

The bride crocheted a bunch of bags as gifts for her bridesmaids.  She did them all without a pattern!  The peacock feathers were put on pins and then pinned to each clutch!  She also hand sewed in pretty lining!  Super cute!  I even got to have one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything turned out great and the hair pieces looked great in the wedding photos!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Floral Colorwash

I've been away from my computer because it has been a very busy summer!  I have been crafting and sewing though!  Look for more posts this week.

First, I want to share with you my newest project.  A Floral Colorwash Wall Hanging.  I very much enjoy Wanda's creativity over at Exuberant Color.  She was selling some colorwash kits so I bought a couple!

After our AC broke and a few other household catastrophes I thought the best way to cope was to try and make something with my new fun squares!

First I tried light in the center and dark around the edges.  Each of the four corners were becoming different colors and becoming darker.  I did blue/green, purple, pink/red, and yellow/orange.  It was cool, however I wasn't liking it that much.

Then I tried to make one similar to this one.  I love it!  It's definitely not done or perfect, but I put it up on the wall and I'm going to change some things around.  Eventually I'll sew it together... maybe... someday.....  will I ever let myself stop moving squares?  Only time will tell!

I started with it on my table.  Then later I moved it to the wall.  I needed a better view.

Even as I'm looking at these pictures I can see some of the squares aren't where they should be.  I think I went 'light' too soon.  A few squares are definitely sticking out to me.  It needs to be darker/colorful for a few more diagonal rows.

I couldn't find my white flannel "design wall" so I used yellow.  Of course, after I got all the squares up on the wall I found my white one.... oh well!

I guess it's not too bad for a first try and no 'color training'.  What is your favorite way to figure out value?  I tried squinting and also placing some squares with my glasses off!  =)