Monday, June 18, 2012

Outdoor Chair Cushions

We've had a bit of time to work on our backyard.  It's really starting to look better... it used to be a jungle of sorts.  Anyway, my husband has had this patio set for quite a while.  Over the years the cushions seemed to stay out in the weather here and there... resulting in dingy and moldy cushions.  The chairs and table are really great though!

ewwwww. yucky cushions.

So about a month ago I went in search of cushions.  I was disturbed by how costly they were!  I needed 8 total and the cheapest I could find were $18 and they were UGLY.  There were some that were better quality that were $30-$50 a piece.  I really didn't like any of the patterns though.  So, naturally, I decided I was going to make them.  I figured that if I was going to end up spending $25 per cushion I want to make sure I actually like them!  I just couldn't spend $200 on chair cushions that were ugly!

Lucky me, I got the foam 50% off and then I had a 10% off entire purchase from JoAnn's!!!  That was great!!  They told me that its best to cut the foam with an electric knife so I got the cheapest one I could find at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  After coupon it was $17.  =)  The fabric was 40% off and I bought extra to make some pillows.  All in all I think I made out pretty well.

After bringing in our old cushions I noticed that they are actually trapezoids.  I wouldn't have been able to buy that shape.  Also, I got 3 inch foam for the seat part of the chair and 2 inch foam for the back part of the chair.  Yay for custom making things!!!

All of the bottoms cut out.  The electric knife was perfect.  Never cut foam without it!!!

My little helper!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used a non-scientific approach... I traced and then cut.  Since I'm not an "electric knife foam cutting artist"... they weren't all exactly the same.

I put a few darts in the front because of the curve.

Somehow he always finds the foam.  Notice the bigger, fuzzier, dog bed behind him... made with the same type of foam....  He just wants to be part of what I'm doing!

The cushions went very quickly after I got my system down.  I did make some ties with velcro to attach them to the chairs.  A small bit of hand stitching to close up the opening was the last step.

Wondering when it will be done.

I was very happy with the result!!!

The green matches our umbrella perfectly.  That was completely on accident.  I got it on sale a couple days ago, and really it was the only one that wasn't hideous in the store.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Pottery Barn Planters (on accident)

SOOOO, I remember being in Pottery Barn a couple months ago and seeing these planters.  They were all made like they had chipped white paint on them.

Here's the picture from their site.  The link above takes you there.

Now, I am SUCH a trendsetter that I thought of this idea last fall.  To achieve this look I just left all my planters out all winter.  They turned out perfect, exactly what I imagined.  Then to my surprise I saw something similar in Pottery Barn (as I said, a few months ago.)

 What really happened:  Last summer I found some terra cotta pots in our basement.  We spray painted them white.  Total cost was $6 for the spray paint because the pots were actually my mother in law's.  Then, because I'm apparently very lazy, I left them out all winter.  I was annoyed when I realized what was happening.  In April I was toying with the idea of repainting them and was still annoyed.  Then I stepped into Pottery Barn and decided I was actually a trendsetter.  I'm leaving them!  Thanks Pottery Barn!  You made my laziness into a masterpiece.

Tada!  They are holding my precious Lantana!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Illini Zipper Pouch

My fabulous husband is a school teacher.  As a result we (he) gets TONS of Gift Cards.  They have been kept in many different places.... huge wicker basket, desk drawer, gift bag, etc...  In my efforts to get organized I told him I would make him a holder for his gift cards.  

It works beautifully!  I knew that he had many, many to store so I made the bag with bottom corners.  It works great!  Everything fits perfectly.  =)  

I found the fabric down in Urbana last summer.  We don't have have any nifty U of I stuff up here, just your basic patterns.  It was nice to find something different.
 That's all for now. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

More Aprons and Towels

 More Showers!!!!  They are so fun!  The bride to be is a family friend and is decorating in greens and browns.  My awesome husband took these pictures for me because I was running late (as usual).  He's the best!!!

I made an apron for her in her colors.  I really do love this apron pattern.  I like the fabrics/colors of this one. I think its simple and fun at the same time.  Again, a GREAT pattern!!  Thanks Lori Holt!  Take a look!!

Close up of the pocket ( hubby is so good at knowing what to take pictures of!)  You can get a good glimpse of the brown fabric here.  I really liked it.

I also bought some of the towels from her registry and added some of the apron fabrics to them.  It's too bad that the brown fabric didn't capture well.  It's a very cool brown, with some green, and bronze.  I may have bought some extra for myself.

Her fiance is an avid outdoorsman and likes to cook.  So I found some camouflage fabric and made some potholders for him!!!  

This is the back of the potholder...
I was experimenting with bindings... I think I like the way I did these.  It gets a bit tricky because for these potholders I used two thicknesses of Insul-bright and for extra help I put a piece of warm and white between them.  Plus the camouflage fabric was more like canvas.  They should work well.

And a potholder in the same fabric as the apron.
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zebra Doggie Bed!


Foam was on sale at JoAnn's last week (still pretty expensive).  I bought a bunch to make some cushions for my backyard, and an extra yard to make a dog bed for my puppy.  I happily found a remnant (50% off!!!) of fuzzy zebra print!  It was the perfect size.
I figured, what better way to practice making corners on foam pieces than to make a dog bed?  I used a scrap of yellow fabric for the bottom (the part touching the floor).  In the end I was very happy with the finished product.

I think Sousa even liked it too!!  He was eager to try it out!!!