Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zipper pouches!

These are some gifts that I made recently.  I made a few different ones and then let the recipients pick out their favorite!  They were for my music students so for fun I put music fabric on the inside lining!  I LOVE making these little zipper pouches!  The possibilities are endless!

I love this fabric!  It's so sparkly!

Shouldn't everything have a yoyo on it somewhere?

I think I should have quilted this one with black thread.  Next time for sure!!

I had fun using my embroidery stitches on my Bernina on the handle of this pouch!  It looks really cool!

I get my zippers at The Zipperstop.  They are SO CHEAP if you buy them in bulk.  I only buy them in groups of 12, and they are even cheaper if you by them in groups of 100.   =)  Its fun to have a bin of zippers ready to go that were only 23 cents a piece.  

I have a ridiculous amount of music note fabric....

More fun lining!


One of my favorite flowers to make!  =)

That's all for now!  Off to make Christmas Presents!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Cake Stand / Serving Tray

On many, many blogs I see women making cool cake stands and serving trays.  I've being wanting to do one for a while now.  I finally did it!  

You just need a few things!

 A cup/candle stick
A pretty plate (or plates if you want to make a tiered stand)
E - 6000 Glue

I got the cup from Walmart for $2.  It's the Libby brand and very thick and sturdy.  I've seen others use candlesticks for this project and they turn out really pretty too!

I found the snowflake plate at Target for around $5.

Just run a line of glue on the rim of the cup, and press into the plate!!!  Let  it dry for 3 - 4 hours and that's it!


I would love to see your cake stands! 
Post to Flickr, Sew Divertimento Divas

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cute Crochet Knotted Headbands!

My little sister texted me a picture of these cute headbands about a month ago.    Her friend found them on pinterest.  She asked me if I could make her friend one!!  

Luckily the picture did link to a great pattern.  You can get the pattern and info here from All About Amy.   

Well, I've been busy, but I finally made them!  This is an awesome quick pattern!  Not to mention that its super cute.  I'm definitely going to be making some with flowers soon!!!

Yay for happy and easy crochet headbands!!!  =)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sassy Christmas Apron....

Oh, Alexander Henry!!!  You always make me happy!  =)

I just couldn't resist this fabric as I saw it draped over the cutting table at Thimbles in Lockport.  I knew I had to make a Christmas apron for my mom, and one for me!!!!

My mom's has pockets, and it looks really cute (not pictured).  I was making mine 10 minutes before my company arrived (shocker) so mine doesn't have pockets!  I might put some on... or I might not.  Thoughts?  There are so many pretty 'faces' that I wouldn't want to cover up!  =)

I used my very favorite apron pattern from Bee in My Bonnet : One Yard Apron.

Yep, too funny.  At least I can always count on Alexander Henry for great prints!

Clothespin Magnets for the Fridge!

I get tired of boring magnets, especially ones with boring phone numbers or ads on them... you know, you get them for free and then they end up on the fridge.....

I decided to spice things up a bit!

These are crazy easy to make!!!

Get your basic supplies:  
Bare clothespins
Thin magnets that are sticky on one side
Good old Elmer's Glue (or your favorite glue)!

Go to Target and get yourself some fun packages of 'washi tape'.  They come in packages of four by color.  I use them for everything now.....

Gather up anything else that might be fun to decorate your clothespin.

~ Yoyos ~
~ Flowers ~
~ Scrapbooky fun papery things (none pictured)~
~ Rhinestones ~

Directions to make them!

First, stick your desired tape onto the front of the clothespin... depending on the width of your clothespin you may need to trim the width of the tape.

Second, trim and stick your magnet on the other side!

(Pretend the picture below doesn't already have a yoyo on it.)

 Lastly, DECORATE!!!!

I used Elmer's glue and it worked great, although I had to sit there and 'hold' the yoyo and flower onto the clothespin until it was tacky.  I'm pretty sure that hot glue would have worked better, but that seems like more work... I mean you have to plug it in and get the glue stick... yep, I'm lazy.

I'm going to be making more today!!!  =)  These make great holiday gifts too!  Quick and easy.