Sunday, August 5, 2012

Floral Colorwash

I've been away from my computer because it has been a very busy summer!  I have been crafting and sewing though!  Look for more posts this week.

First, I want to share with you my newest project.  A Floral Colorwash Wall Hanging.  I very much enjoy Wanda's creativity over at Exuberant Color.  She was selling some colorwash kits so I bought a couple!

After our AC broke and a few other household catastrophes I thought the best way to cope was to try and make something with my new fun squares!

First I tried light in the center and dark around the edges.  Each of the four corners were becoming different colors and becoming darker.  I did blue/green, purple, pink/red, and yellow/orange.  It was cool, however I wasn't liking it that much.

Then I tried to make one similar to this one.  I love it!  It's definitely not done or perfect, but I put it up on the wall and I'm going to change some things around.  Eventually I'll sew it together... maybe... someday.....  will I ever let myself stop moving squares?  Only time will tell!

I started with it on my table.  Then later I moved it to the wall.  I needed a better view.

Even as I'm looking at these pictures I can see some of the squares aren't where they should be.  I think I went 'light' too soon.  A few squares are definitely sticking out to me.  It needs to be darker/colorful for a few more diagonal rows.

I couldn't find my white flannel "design wall" so I used yellow.  Of course, after I got all the squares up on the wall I found my white one.... oh well!

I guess it's not too bad for a first try and no 'color training'.  What is your favorite way to figure out value?  I tried squinting and also placing some squares with my glasses off!  =)

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Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Oh my word!!! This is SO beautiful! I need to make a quilt like this! Thanks for the inspiration!

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