Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flirty Flower in a Shadow Box ~ Iron Craft 35

Iron Craft is so much fun!  This is my third week, and I find that it helps me to 'think outside the box'.  =)  This week's challenge was "Done Reading?".  My husband is a huge book nerd, and I'm a sort of book nerd.  That being said, it was hard for me to ruin a book to create something new... I know it sounds weird, but its the truth!!! 

We JUST donated a ton of books to Goodwill last week, so where was I going to get my book?  Then I remembered that there were still some Romance Novels hanging around.  I thought... that might be kind of fun and silly!!!

I started by just randomly making paper flowers, etc.  I folded them accordion style.  Then folded that in half and gluesticked the sides together.

On the one above I cut a rounded edge on the ends when they were smashed together (like making a snowflake).

An attempt to make a wind up rose.  It should have been thicker....

Still looks cute though!

Colored the creases pink for fun.

Fan flower with blue in the creases and its own stem.

Horizontal words look better.  This one was also folded a thin width.

A new idea...

And now the actual project.

Flirty Flower in a Shadow Box

My husband came in when I had all of these flowers on the table and I wasn't sure what to do with them.  He immediately said "put them in a shadow box!"  DUH!!!!  Because of his genius I let him pick the button.  =)

A fuzzy'ish' picture of the words in the 'grass'.  It's entertaining if you want to zoom in.  Over 18 only please (lol).


A fun, flirty, project.  =)


kat said...

Cute and an over 18 project ;)

Shannon said...

How cute! I've been wanting to try making paper flowers out of book pages for a while but just haven't gotten around to it. I love your grass cut on the lines of text!

waggonswest said...

That is definitely a challenge. It seems the books most likely to be on the freebie table are romance novels. Depending on your audience, you have to check the words that will be legible when you are done.

I really like how you added the button. The rose is sweet as well.