Monday, June 18, 2012

Outdoor Chair Cushions

We've had a bit of time to work on our backyard.  It's really starting to look better... it used to be a jungle of sorts.  Anyway, my husband has had this patio set for quite a while.  Over the years the cushions seemed to stay out in the weather here and there... resulting in dingy and moldy cushions.  The chairs and table are really great though!

ewwwww. yucky cushions.

So about a month ago I went in search of cushions.  I was disturbed by how costly they were!  I needed 8 total and the cheapest I could find were $18 and they were UGLY.  There were some that were better quality that were $30-$50 a piece.  I really didn't like any of the patterns though.  So, naturally, I decided I was going to make them.  I figured that if I was going to end up spending $25 per cushion I want to make sure I actually like them!  I just couldn't spend $200 on chair cushions that were ugly!

Lucky me, I got the foam 50% off and then I had a 10% off entire purchase from JoAnn's!!!  That was great!!  They told me that its best to cut the foam with an electric knife so I got the cheapest one I could find at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  After coupon it was $17.  =)  The fabric was 40% off and I bought extra to make some pillows.  All in all I think I made out pretty well.

After bringing in our old cushions I noticed that they are actually trapezoids.  I wouldn't have been able to buy that shape.  Also, I got 3 inch foam for the seat part of the chair and 2 inch foam for the back part of the chair.  Yay for custom making things!!!

All of the bottoms cut out.  The electric knife was perfect.  Never cut foam without it!!!

My little helper!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used a non-scientific approach... I traced and then cut.  Since I'm not an "electric knife foam cutting artist"... they weren't all exactly the same.

I put a few darts in the front because of the curve.

Somehow he always finds the foam.  Notice the bigger, fuzzier, dog bed behind him... made with the same type of foam....  He just wants to be part of what I'm doing!

The cushions went very quickly after I got my system down.  I did make some ties with velcro to attach them to the chairs.  A small bit of hand stitching to close up the opening was the last step.

Wondering when it will be done.

I was very happy with the result!!!

The green matches our umbrella perfectly.  That was completely on accident.  I got it on sale a couple days ago, and really it was the only one that wasn't hideous in the store.



Diana and LaDonna said...

You did a fabulous job! I need to make some cushions too, and I agree with you, the cushions out there are way too expensive and not what I want. Now you can be proud of your cushions!


Global Toss-up said...

These are adorable and it's very timely since I'm thinking about making some cushions for our deck chairs, too. Great idea about the electric knife!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Wonderful job. I bought a cushion for my swing. I found the cheapest, lays flat chair cushion in colors I could handle. At least I only needed 1 cushion.