Saturday, July 23, 2011

July FNSI{the car}

Here's my Friday Night Sew In {the car}. We drove from Kansas City to Champaign yesterday so I had a lot of time to finish my baby sock. It was my goal!!! I finished it and started another one. A couple weeks ago I set out to make some baby socks. Ravelry is the greatest!!! (Is there a quilt website like this??? If so, please tell me!!)

I've since gone through three different patterns in search of the easiest. =) I ripped this sock out quite a few times. I finally found a pattern I like. The heel turn is REALLY easy.

I got so excited that I was 'doing it right' that I did too many "knit, wrap, and turns" and had to undo a bunch. Of course, I didn't undo all of them so I have a beautiful hole in my sock (maybe it was meant to be lacy?)

It is a ribbed pattern, and at the end of the sock I figured out how to NOT make the ribs too wide where the DPNs meet. I did some online research. We'll see how the next one works.

Other than those things I feel like it was mostly successful. The toe is a bit pointy for my liking, but I think I know how to fix that for the next one. This yarn was just some cheap stuff I bought at Walmart. I have the nice stuff saved for when I can really get the pattern right. I knitted them using 4 DPNs size 2.

Sock Number Two!!

ALSO, Over the trip I knitted a bunch of booties that I LOVE. Here is the great bootie Pattern that I used!! The booties are gifts so I can't post them just yet!


Nancy Lee said...

Of all the sweet things in the world, baby socks are the sweetest. Brava! Nice job!

Rhonda said...

Precious, in a word. What a great way to pass the time while traveling.
I managed to get several blocks completed that will go in a quilt I'm designing.

Donna said...

that's devotion to FNSI! cute sock...