Saturday, June 11, 2011

Heating pad

I should be cleaning.... but I'm taking a break.... here's what I did last night!

I've been wanting to make some heating pads as gifts for a long time now. A few weeks ago during a teaching break I hunted on the web for ideas. Just when I thought I'd have to come up with a pattern on my own I found a fabulous tutorial at The Green Wife's blog!

To fill the bag I used rice and I found Lavender Essential Oils at Whole Foods. In her blog she doesn't mention how much Lavender to use. I made two heating pads at the same time, so I had 9 cups of rice and I used 6 drops of oil. I think it was a good amount, but only time will tell!!!

Reasons I liked this tutorial (besides it being easy to understand):
1. She used flannel! I was happy to find some cute flannel on sale at JoAnn's. Sadly, my local quilt shop doesn't carry Amy Butler flannel.
2. She sectioned the rice off. Some of the others I have found were just long tubes, and then the rice doesn't evenly distribute itself.
3. I got to use my new serger!!! No rice will be escaping these heating pads!!!!
4. It is the perfect size.

It happily rolls up for easy storage!

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LaDonna and Diana said...

Thanks for the heating pad link! These would make great gifts!