Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mickey Mouse Cookies on a Stick!

Mickey Mouse Oreos!!!!

Back in Nov/Dec (I can't even remember) I threw a party for my friend who happens to be a Disney fanatic.  I knew I had to have some Mickey Mouse cookies on a stick!  

I used this tutorial ... at Studio D for the idea. Check it out for full instructions.

The ingredients!  (although I would use what Studio D uses!)  I didn't have time to go get the Wilton Chocolate melts... the Bakers chocolate was okay, but the consistency was wrong.  Next time I'll definitely use the Wilton ones.

The setup!

Oreos separated.  I found that if I microwaved them for a few seconds they were much easier to separate!

I taped down wax paper for my work surface.

On a cookie sheet ready for the fridge!

After I put them in the fridge for a bit, I covered them in the chocolate.  Somehow I don't have a good picture of this... must have been running around!   

Stay tuned for a post about the party decor, and the food setup!