Monday, March 19, 2012

Disney Party!

As you saw in yesterday's post, I threw a Disney themed party a few months ago.  I had some fun with the decor.  It was by no means elaborate, but it made me happy!

I found a beautiful piece of fabric in my stash and draped it over a card table, and a book shelf.  
Pez Jasmine made an appearance on a mirrored candle plate.

I searched and then downloaded the Disney font online!  I love downloading fonts.  I paid for one for my wedding invites and it was totally worth it.  The Disney one was free.  I don't remember the site, but I do remember praying that I wasn't downloading evils things with the font.... luckily it all worked out!

I had fun making signs.  Everyone knew what everything was, but Disney signs are too much fun! 

More Disney signs!

I stuck the Mickey oreos in the Scotcheroos to have them stand up!  It was like a fun double treat for everyone!

I put a mini vase inside of the big vase, and then filled it with hershey kisses.  It was fun to have the tall bling coming out of the kisses!

Most of the food out on the table.  There were jewels thrown about.  I did do some leveling, but you can't really see it in the picture!  Again, taking pictures too fast.... guests were almost arriving!

I had a great time making this banner.  I used my Sizzix Bigshot to cut out all of the circles.  I added some bling to yellow paper.  I used pinking shears to cut the triangles out.  The little blue circles that connect the banner flags are connected with brads.  That makes it easy to fold up!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

How cute. I need you to decorate for hubby's 50th next month

waggonswest said...

Great decorations!