Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Cake Stand / Serving Tray

On many, many blogs I see women making cool cake stands and serving trays.  I've being wanting to do one for a while now.  I finally did it!  

You just need a few things!

 A cup/candle stick
A pretty plate (or plates if you want to make a tiered stand)
E - 6000 Glue

I got the cup from Walmart for $2.  It's the Libby brand and very thick and sturdy.  I've seen others use candlesticks for this project and they turn out really pretty too!

I found the snowflake plate at Target for around $5.

Just run a line of glue on the rim of the cup, and press into the plate!!!  Let  it dry for 3 - 4 hours and that's it!


I would love to see your cake stands! 
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1 comment:

raebethriv said...

Beautiful! Thanks for doing something that I've always wanted to do also! Now I don't need to make one!!!
Happy Holidays!