Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Taggie Blanket!

Taggie blankets are by far my favorite baby shower gift.  (can you tell?)  This one is for my best friend who lives in California.  Her daughter's name will start with an "M" hence the "M" applique.  However, I wasn't really thinking and now looking at the picture it looks like "W" and "M".  I should have angled both letters and had the top of the "Ms" closest to the center.  Oh, well.....

I asked what colors they liked and they came up with pink, turquoise, and grey.  HOW FUN!  So I used my very favorite Kona solid.... I can't remember the name of the grey, but I just can't get enough of it!!!!  I found the flower fabric in my stash.

I almost put the letter on the grey, but then I remembered the jar of yo-yos I had.  Don't yo-yos make everything better????   I think they do!  I don't know how they'll hold up in the wash, but at least it's cute now!!!

I hand stitched the yo-yos on.  In a brief moment of stupidity I thought that I could machine sew them on and have them look good.... not the case.  ha!

I LOVE doing the blanket stitch now!!!  I have a clear applique food (#39) that I just ADORE.  Also, I put the needle all the way to the rightmost position which makes it soooo much easier to ride along the edge of the fabric!  (That was a very helpful tip from the applique class I took at Thimbles.  Thanks Tory!)

There's just no reason to make a taggie blanket if you aren't going to put minky on the back!!!  Don't you love how I'm always making things last minute and I don't even take the time to clean off the 'trash' on my cutting table?  Oh, well.  Someday I'll be organized!!!

Do you want to make a taggie blanket?  Check out my tutorial here!

What do you like to make for baby shower gifts?


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