Monday, May 30, 2011

My Somewhat DIY Wedding (part 2 of Infinity) : KANZASHI FLOWERS

This yellow satin one was my first try.

This is a pink satin one that I made for the flower girl dress.

The Flower on the dress with a matching satin sash that I
made from the same fabric.

The beautiful Flower Girl Dress above came with a very large flower that did not go with my wedding theme. I was looking for an alternative and I found the most fabulous Kanzashi Flower Tutorial at bitty, bits & pieces.
{addition: I sewed a circular piece of felt to the back of the flower and then hot glued a pin to the felt.  This way it can be worn with the dress, or on something else.}

I also made them for all of our siblings to wear as corsages. I tied them to ribbon, {edit: I actually used a hot glue gun to attach them to the ribbon.  I used a circular piece of felt for the back of the flower and then glued it to the ribbon.  Then the girls tied them to their wrists.}

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