Friday, August 26, 2011

Helpful Project

My sister recently started a new job as a special education teacher.  One of her students requires a bib when she eats at school.  They did not have enough for her so I offered to make a few.  I knew there were some awesome laminated fabrics out there!!  My sister wanted it to go all the way down onto her lap.  I have one finished and the other three are almost done.

Pinned up with right sides together and strap ends peaking out!
I found some FABULOUS Kaffe Fassett laminated fabric at Thimbles in Lockport.
With its 58" width one yard made Four 36X13ish bibs!
I got terry cloth from JoAnn's (definitely used a coupon), and put that on the back.

Long View, Pinned up with right sides together.  ON MY NEW SEWING TABLE!!!  *squeal*
To make the scooped neck I traced a protractor and cut it out!  =)

The terry cloth scraps turned out to be perfect for straps.  To finish off the strap 
edges I used my good old serger!  After some velcro is sewn on they'll be perfect!

After I turned them inside out, trimmed, clipped corners/curves I topstitched along the edges.  Let me tell you what......  Laminated fabric definitely STICKS to your presser foot.  It was NOT very fun.  I did not take close ups to show you my very uneven stitches.  Finally, I put my feed dogs on low and released a TON of pressure from my presser foot.  It started to work better.  I might just finish the other 3 on my mom's machine since it has free motion quilting capabilities.... depends on if I decide to leave the house this weekend!  =)  (All in all it wasn't that bad... just not the smooth sailing I thought it would be!)

Since it is so long I sewed a 'quilting' line the width of the bib every 7 inches to 
keep the fabrics from pulling apart.

TADA!!!!  =)


Rashida Khanbhai said...

The bib has turned out quite well. I love the way you have set out your blog header, how did you do it?

pirate said...

On a sewing blog I recently read (but now can't find to link to), they suggested putting a piece of *matte* (NOT glossy) Scotch tape on the underside of your presser foot. Cut away all the tape that covers the holes for the needle to go through. They said it works like a champ.

I haven't tried it but thought to pass along the tip to you.

marie said...

I was reading another blog but can't remember wich one, anyway they said to put tape on the bottom of your pressed foot to stop the drag. Not the Shiny kind but matt finish. I haven't tried it yet but maybe it would help with the other bibs you are going to make.

Sew Divertimento said...

Thank you so much!!! I was thinking about it all last night... thought about using felt, but tape makes much more sense. I'm excited to give it a try.

Donna said...

What a great project! One of the feet that came with my machine is teflon, and I find it useful with fabrics that have a drag.

Pamela said...

What a great project! Love the fabric. Sure was sweet for you to make them.