Sunday, September 25, 2011

A finish! and fun clippys!

The results are in and the Mini Log Cabin is now a happy Mug Rug!  I found some scrappy old fabric and sewed it all together (right sides together with some warm and white) and then turned it inside out and topstitched around the edge.  I'm very happy with the results!!!  =)

The back!  Lovely 90s rust and navy!  hehee


I've been wanting to make pacifier clips for a while now.  I think they make great baby gifts.  There are tons of tutorials out there, and most just say to get suspender clips, or the clips you find at JoAnn's.  They are just wayyyy to 'claw like' for me.  Baby clothes are so cute!  Pacifier holders should be ruining their clothes! 

I hunted online (and I mean hunted)... and I found these in the Netherlands from KinderKlipz!  As a result, I ordered a ton so I wouldn't have to pay shipping again.  The quality is great!  And the cuteness factor is way high!  I can't wait to make some!  Ideas on leash construction are currently brewing in my head....

These have a fabulous plastic clip part so no clothes will be ruined! wahoo!

yes, I bought a lot!  =)

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Becky @ The Barefoot Seamstress said...

Beautiful job on your mug rug! Those paci clips are way cuter than any I have ever seen. Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)