Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shirt Refashion ~ Tutorial

 For this project I used an old t-shirt to fix up a another shirt I found at TJ Maxx!!!  I just love frilly flowers! (as if you can't tell from my blog....)

This is the 'before' picture.  This shirt was on clearance and I did wear it a few times.  Then the rhinestone in the middle fell out, and to be honest I always kind of felt like a clown in this shirt (the ruffles were a little much for me).  I like the material and how it fits so I decided to fix it up!

I cut off all the ruffles and took out all the grommets, etc.  There were a couple holes, but I'm not worried about it!

Lately in blogland the Accuqulit Go! and Go! Baby have been hot items.  Lots of giveaways and fun projects.  Of course, I found myself wanting and wishing I had one (I fell prey to the marketing)...  BUT THEN realized ... I have a Sizzix Big Shot.  DUH!  IT WILL CUT FABRIC.  (wahoo!)  An old white top was the perfect fabric for my white flowers! 

The flowers needed to have dimension for this project.  A few pinches did the trick.

I sewed a bit at the 'point' to help keep the folds and 'dimension'.

There was really no rhyme or reason to it!

Then I got crazy and made a few of the flowers with two pieces!

I left the thread on each so that I could sew them onto the shirt.

Initial placement.

I put a piece of fabric inside the shirt (behind the flowers) to use as stabilizer and it worked fabulously.  Two flowers sewn on!  I didn't knot them until all were on... in case I wanted to reposition any!

More flowers sewn in!

After I was satisfied with the placement I knotted all of the threads!  This is the back foundation piece.



Donna said...

Did you hear whether you got a spot for the Nov 11 - 13 retreat? I ask because Ebony is bringing her AccuQuilt with her and is willing to let retreatants use it during the weekend - $10 for the entire weekend. She has a zillion different dies so maybe do a bit of research and figure out whether this is something you're interested in. Last year I took two batiks and used her Drunkard's Path die - too fascinating...

Carmen said...

Wow! I love a good tshirt redo any day. this is cute.

Also, I would like to personally invite you to our new Rockin’ link party every Friday at RoCa and Company. Come and show off what you got this coming Friday. Hope to see you there...

Remember...YOU ROCK!!

Carmen @
RoCa and Company

Lauren said...

How awesome when you realize things will cut fabric. I just got a Cricut and went bananas when I realized it'll cut fabric. Still haven't tried it or do I have the proper stuff to make it happen, but I know it will! Way to save an old shirt and give some inspiration on upcycling. Stopping by from Tip Junkie's linky party.

SouthernScraps said...

Cute redo! I love using my Sizzix to cut fabric.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Looks great--very creative!

Carla said...

You are very clever and creative. I would of just donated the blouse. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Kids craft ideas said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing

Ullan tilkut said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Fantastic idea! The flowers looks very nice! Have a nice day!