Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mini Log Cabin PaperPieced Quilt ~ IC 37 Shrink to Fit

Sadly, I missed IC last week.  I was in New Jersey for my best friend's wedding!  (it's so fun and sneaky to 'schedule' posts!) hehehehe.  I actually made that shirt with the white flowers for the rehearsal dinner!

Anyway, I was worried I'd have to miss this week too and THEN I remembered that I had mini quilt blocks somewhere.....  Luckily, since I've been organizing my craftroom... I COULD FIND THEM!  hehehee 

One of the cute scrappy blocks!

And another!

When I first started quilting I did LOTS of miniature... more just because I wanted the challenge.  My gram bought these log cabin paper piecing squares for me.  I went to work!  Cutting bitty strips and paper piecing away.  Eight of them were done so I sewed them together and put a scrappy boarder on!

I messed up the log cabin design... or did I mean it to be that way... hmmm

What should it be??  a purse?  a mug rug?  thoughts??????  
I'm thinking probably a mug rug!


waggonswest said...

This is really amazing. I can't believe you can do stitch such tiny pieces together. I love it.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I vote for a mug rug. How cute! The Amish say there should always be a mistake in each quilt.