Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fabric for My Curtains

I am SO SUPER EXCITED about my family room curtains!  I  arrived pretty early at our retreat so there were still some empty tables around.  I laid out my beloved fabric to cut it out!  I have a bazillion six windows in my family room.  We have very nice blinds that I do not want to take down.  I really want to add some color to the room, and cover the tops of the blinds with some sort of valance.  

I was looking for the perfect fabric.  In October on the Quilt Shop Hop I told myself that I wasn't going to impulse buy, and instead I was going to scout for fabric for my curtains.  When I was at Robert's Sewing Center in Crest Hill, IL I found the fabric pictures above.  It is an Art Gallery Print!

The background is light, light, teal (not white).  There are some small dark teal swirls that match our very deep teal accent wall in the family room.  I had decided a while ago that I wanted to use oranges as an accent color in the room, and this contains two oranges!  THEN the really bright green color that you see is the color of our kitchen walls.  AND lastly, the swirls match the rug in our family room.  This could not have been more perfect, so I bought a 1/4 of a yard to show my husband.  He liked it, and I promptly starting scouting for it online in case Robert's didn't have enough..... I quickly learned that it was an old print and was out of stock EVERYWHERE.  So I drove 40 minutes back to Crest Hill the next day and bought the bolt.....  the things we do for fabric.

Happily at the retreat I cut out all 12 of my panels and started serging the edges!  Slowly but surely serging the rest!

wow, that was a wordy post.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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