Monday, December 5, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover !!!

My wonderful machine is in a cabinet, and it does not come out of the cabinet.  Therefore, I had nothing to bring with me on my quilting retreat.... so my cousin Graciously let me borrow her machine!!!  I had a Great time sewing on it!!!  It's a wonderful Kenmore!  =)  As a 'thank you' I made her a sewing machine cover!  Please excuse the photo... this was a 'running out the door forgot to take a picture, picture'.

I just loved this grey fabric!  It is so beautiful!  Yay for Kona solids!!!  I just made a rectangle with ties on the sides.  To make the pieced strip I stacked up the fabric and then sliced an angle through all of them.  Then I mixed up the pieces.  I did a little bit of quilting on the pieced part.  

I can't wait to make one for my machine!!!! 


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm planning on making some covers (with sides) for my vintage machines, since they don't have covers at all. Cute!

Karen said...

Cute machine cover and I love your choice of fabrics. I am in the process of making a gray and white quilt for my daughter but need fabric for the binding a back. I really like the swirled gray fabric you used in your cover. Do you remember the name and manufacturer of this fabric? Thanks!

Susan said...

What a great thank you gift! Love the "patchy" look :)