Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

Hello Everyone!
School's almost out!!!  My dog is behaving!!  It's time to start crafting/blogging again.  I have been making things... just haven't had the time to post.  Today I have some shower gifts to show you!  A good friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby and she and I are both musicians.... I found some very cute music fabric!  =)

Burp Cloths

These are made with flannel on one side and chenille on the other.  After looking through many tutorials I decided on the size of 8 inches by 18 inches.  I simply sewed them right sides together, and rounded corners.  I left a hole for turning.  Turned them inside out and topstitched!  wahoo!

I know its kind of a 'pukey' green color, but I couldn't resist the monkeys!  I figure if he pukes peas on it then it will match.  =)

Pacifier Clips

I think I finally figured out how I want to make these.  I basically did the same thing as I do for my tote bag straps.  See the tutorial here.  I did put some interfacing inside for a bit of stability.  I also basted the loops before folding all of the fabric up.  I cut the fabric about 10 inches by 3-3/4 inches.

I love these clips!  They are plastic coated on the inside.  I completed the finished strap, slid the clip on and then stitched it down.

I think they came out pretty well!!!

Taggie Blanket

I whipped up another Taggie Blanket.  See my tutorial here.   I bought this adorable panel this summer.  I was very excited to use it.  I sewed some mustardy fabric I had to frame the panel. 

Blue swirly soft furry fabric for the back always works perfectly.

Yes, the pictures were all taken in a hurry.  It was raining so my skylights didn't help with lighting.  AND I didn't have time to clean.  yuck.  Someday my craftroom will have a photography 'area' or something.....

It's still rainy today.  Seems like a good day for sewing!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You have been busy. Cute baby things.

thelowerfamily said...

Paci clips are the best! We could never find them in the store and I never had a minute to figure out how to make them!