Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Pottery Barn Planters (on accident)

SOOOO, I remember being in Pottery Barn a couple months ago and seeing these planters.  They were all made like they had chipped white paint on them.

Here's the picture from their site.  The link above takes you there.

Now, I am SUCH a trendsetter that I thought of this idea last fall.  To achieve this look I just left all my planters out all winter.  They turned out perfect, exactly what I imagined.  Then to my surprise I saw something similar in Pottery Barn (as I said, a few months ago.)

 What really happened:  Last summer I found some terra cotta pots in our basement.  We spray painted them white.  Total cost was $6 for the spray paint because the pots were actually my mother in law's.  Then, because I'm apparently very lazy, I left them out all winter.  I was annoyed when I realized what was happening.  In April I was toying with the idea of repainting them and was still annoyed.  Then I stepped into Pottery Barn and decided I was actually a trendsetter.  I'm leaving them!  Thanks Pottery Barn!  You made my laziness into a masterpiece.

Tada!  They are holding my precious Lantana!

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