Monday, June 4, 2012

More Aprons and Towels

 More Showers!!!!  They are so fun!  The bride to be is a family friend and is decorating in greens and browns.  My awesome husband took these pictures for me because I was running late (as usual).  He's the best!!!

I made an apron for her in her colors.  I really do love this apron pattern.  I like the fabrics/colors of this one. I think its simple and fun at the same time.  Again, a GREAT pattern!!  Thanks Lori Holt!  Take a look!!

Close up of the pocket ( hubby is so good at knowing what to take pictures of!)  You can get a good glimpse of the brown fabric here.  I really liked it.

I also bought some of the towels from her registry and added some of the apron fabrics to them.  It's too bad that the brown fabric didn't capture well.  It's a very cool brown, with some green, and bronze.  I may have bought some extra for myself.

Her fiance is an avid outdoorsman and likes to cook.  So I found some camouflage fabric and made some potholders for him!!!  

This is the back of the potholder...
I was experimenting with bindings... I think I like the way I did these.  It gets a bit tricky because for these potholders I used two thicknesses of Insul-bright and for extra help I put a piece of warm and white between them.  Plus the camouflage fabric was more like canvas.  They should work well.

And a potholder in the same fabric as the apron.
Have a great day!

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