Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ghastlies Table Runner

As usual, I'm running around performing and teaching!  It's been a wonderfully busy couple months!  I've sewn a few things!  AND I have some VERY exciting news coming up this week!  Stay tuned!

Don't you just love Alexander Henry's Ghastlies?  I mean, its the best Halloween print ever!  My mom especially likes to decorate for Halloween so I made her a table runner using the Ghastlies fabric!!!!  

This is quite possibly one of the most awesome table runner patterns in the world.  It is called Divided by 3.  Here it is on Keepsake Quilting's site.  I saw it at Thimbles in Lockport and bought the fabric to make it!  I have another one already in the works.  It's a great runner to showcase fabrics that you love!!!!

I chose to make the borders all black.  In hindsight I probably should have used the pink fabric as the small border between the pictures to make everything 'pop' more.  Oh, well!  Pardon the binding clips.... 

This is the right side of the runner.  I had a great time picking out the scenes from the fabric to display.

I love the detail in the print!!!!

Here is the left side!  

These three kids are my favorite!  The girl on the left is holding a hammer!!!!

Close up of the angry pregnant mommy and the wanna be flapper!

The back!!!

I just quilted in the ditch.  I still haven't really mastered quilting... so I thought it best to hide it!  =)  I finished hand sewing the binding on the train and then delivered it right to mom.  I still need to get a final picture!

Thanks for stopping by!