Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kid's Apron and Chef's Hat!!!!!!


I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!  This set is quite possibly one of the cutest things I've made to date.  =)  When I was up north at my Grandma's we were looking at kid aprons and we found these.  I was so excited because I wanted to make one for my niece.  While looking around for apron patterns we stumbled upon a chef's hat.  HOW CAN ANYONE PASS UP A CHEF'S HAT?  I do realize its possible I'm more excited about this than my niece will be, but I'm okay with that!  =)

Here are the fabulous patterns!!!

Apron from Living with Punks; Mini Me Apron Set

Chef Hat from Stardust Shoes for Michael Miller; Chef's Hat

The patterns are very well done and don't need any extra explanation.  I only did a couple things differently.  For the apron I edge stitched the entire apron, not just the bottom.  Also, I didn't have any elastic thread on hand so I just sewed on some flower buttons to the pockets.  For the Chef's Hat I finished the inside edge with my serger rather than the binding and it worked great.

I just can't get enough of the Michael Miller cupcake fabric!  It's too cute!  I used some other pink fabrics that I had in my stash to complete the set.  For fusible interfacing I used Pellon 911FF for the Chef's Hat band.  It was what I had in my craftroom and it was perfect!  Exactly the right weight, in my opinion.

 The apron is lined too!

I love the pleats!

It's adjustable so she'll be able to grow into it!

I might have to make one for my husband!!!  =)  As soon as I showed him the hat he started doing an impression of the the Swedish Chef from the muppets.

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