Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Amy Butler Floor Pillow

 Last Christmas I made a really fun pillow for my niece.  It was a great project, and didn't take too terribly long to make.  I used the pattern from Amy Butler's book "In Stitches". 

The pattern was good, but required me to waste a ton of fabric because the dimensions didn't divide nicely into normal fabric cuts.  Rather than buy a ton more fabric than I needed, I improvised.  I put some minky in the middle and used up all of my fabric rather than buying twice as much as I needed and wasting a ton to get a single cut of fabric!  I think it came out great!!!  (As you can see Princesses are all the rage.)

One of the main reasons I made the pillow was because I had this fabulous Bernstein Bears print that I just couldn't cut up!!!!  It was perfect for opposite the Princesses.

I filled it with regular stuffing, and I'm sure at this point it is really flat.  I should probably restuff it!!!  I made some fabric buttons and tufted the pillow to keep everything in place.

All in all it was a hit with my niece.  Sorry for the bad pictures, but I forgot to take pictures before I gave it to her... so these pictures were in desperation at the end of the evening!!!

Just for fun we also got her a Princess book and a Bernstein Bears book!  =)
Happy Sewing!

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Donna said...

This is beyond cute. Excellent to see the pillow in use!