Sunday, September 18, 2011

Homecoming Court Sashes ~ Tutorial

I am lucky because my family is always supportive of my crafting!  They giggle at me when I get excited about silly crafty things, and they go 'oohhh' 'ahhhh' even when they might want to roll their eyes.  =)

(My non-HS sister is posing... like a goofball.  I promised I wouldn't put her face in the pic, but I almost left it in for laughs.... hehehe)

anyway....Every once in a while they ask me to do something for them.  My sister is on the planning committee for her HS Homecoming.  She asked if I would make the sashes!  At first I said No because we only had a couple days, and I wasn't sure we'd find enough iron on letters..... but then she said she wanted to try.

One reason this worked out is.... I have TONS of satin... why?  because I made all the table runners for my wedding.  AND that post is coming.....

My husband said we had to find a good use for all the fabric after the wedding, and what better use than Homecoming Queen/Court sashes?????  right??  =)
(although we won't tell the girls they are wearing table runners)

So here we go....improvising at its best

~ Satin or Satiny-like fabric ~ 4.5 inches x 62 inches
~ Heat N Bond Roll in 3/8 inch.  It's the one that has a paper liner...
~ Iron on Transfer paper for your printer
~ sequins! (optional)

Somehow the pictures of finishing off the edges got lost.  In any case, for my table runners I used the HNB (heat n bond) to finish the edges.  Sewing just seemed like it would be annoying since satin runs so easily.  

To finish edges with HNB:
~Fold the raw edge in a little less than 1/4 inch
~Add HNB so that it covers the raw edge ~ it should catch the raw edge and the main piece of fabric making the raw edge totally covered.
~Tear off HNB tape (after it cools) ~ now you are exposing more 'glue'
~Fold over the width of the glue
Do this for both long edges.  Leave the short edges raw.

Now you have a flat and happy edge!

Using the Transfer Paper:

I used Microsoft Publisher to write 'Homecoming' in a suitable font using the WORD ART feature.  After it is the correct size click "Arrange", and then
Click "Rotate or Flip", and lastly click "Flip Horizontal"

Publisher is great because each word is its own 'entity'.  This allowed us to move words (like pictures or objects) to fill up the whole paper.


Cut it out and iron it on!!!

The directions said to use a wood board, and not an ironing board.  Somehow this DID NOT work for us!  I don't know what I did wrong, but we did not get a good transfer.


So we switched to my table top ironing thingy and I used some scraps of flannel underneath as well. 

AND THEN..... ooohhhhhhh

Peel and see the beautiful letters!

Of course, they should be embellished!

 My sister used Tacky Glue and some gold sequins to adorn the edges.

Cut the ends at angles and sew right sides together.  The HNB is NOT sewable (this was the only flaw in the plan)

Zig Zag stitch to keep the edges intact.
Turn right side out and press the seam.

This is the only decent pic, and its blurry!  oh, well.  They are out of my hands now!  Hopefully Queen and Court will like them!

Thanks for stopping by! 

p.s. there's still a spot left on my pay it forward!  you should enter!


Anonymous said...

thank you for this great post. finally figure out how to put wordings on sash.

julia said...

what type of transfer paper did you use. My sashes have to be black.