Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not just your normal headbands!

For a while now I've had this idea brewing... How much fun would it be to have headbands with interchangeable embellishments???  Wouldn't that be so fantastic?!?!?!  I decided to try it!

My niece just recently became a 'big sister', and so she needed an appropriate 'big sister' gift!  I found four headbands in a package together at Target.  They were perfect for my idea because they had little rubber 'grippys' on them!  What a great way to keep the embellishments in place!!!

SOOOOOooooo I took some of my Flowers that were left over from my other headband project, and sewed a small piece of felt (really it was a scrap piece of warm&white... i just think felt would work better) onto the back.  This created a little 'channel' that would make it slide onto the headband.  yay!

I also saw this adorable idea for a pleated embellishment.  In the tutorial she glues it to the headband..... I did not.  I also made my 'channel' a smaller width so that it would be more likely to stay on the headband without glue. 

I did cheat, because in the tute she uses the same fabric for the upper pleat and lower channel... I was just using my scraps to make these, so I was without enough fabric to make the one below.  I found a piece of scrap muslin and it worked great!  I trimmed it down so it would not be seen when she wears the headband.  


This is so fun, because as my niece gets older she can just buy bigger headbands!  These will still fit!  and I can keep giving her more embellishments as needed.  I'm sure she needs a ric rac flower, and a crochet flower, oh the possibilities!

Have a great day!!!!

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