Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Wedding Bouquet... on the fly =)

I went to New Jersey for my best friend's wedding a few weeks back.  It was on the beach and totally awesome!  

She wanted wildflowers for her bouquet, and we picked them up from a flower farm the day before the wedding!

The making of all the flowers for the wedding was a team effort with her mom, sisters, and cousins!

We made everything the day before the wedding and had to be extra careful because wildflowers don't like to be out of water for long!  I made this bouquet with all kinds of fun flowers.  She wanted some hydrangeas, but they are so overpowering!  So we cut off the pieces of the flower and used them for the guys.  We left one or two parts of the hydrangea attached to the long stem and used them in this bouquet.  I was really glad we were able to make them work!

I added a little 'bling' with some wire in the center of the zinnias.  Good thing her mom thought to bring some bling!!

The bouquet was held together with a rubberband... and then tied with rafia and a beautiful ribbon that was ivory and trimmed with gold. 

All in all I think it turned out great.  It was what she wanted and it looked great with her ivory, flowy dress!

p.s. these pictures were taken after the flowers had been out of water for almost 3 hours.  They really held up well!