Sunday, June 12, 2011

Curtain / Blanket

My Grandmother made me a Fantastic quilt using 30s reproduction fabric for my bed. I absolutely love it. I was in need of curtains for my room, but I could not find anything I liked soo..... I asked my Gram for all of the extra scrap fabric from my quilt. My plan was to make four curtain panels, two for each window.

Two panels are completely done.... then I got married and moved.
BUT in my planning, I decided to make the curtains double as blankets.

I'll throw up a tutorial soon, but basically I used flannel as the back (the blanket part) and muslin in the center.
I spent a few days cutting 3.5 inch squares. I pieced 15 columns of 13 squares each. Then I sewed each column to the muslin/flannel. Therefore no quilting is needed. (Bargello style without the offsetting...). I threw a binding on and done! As I said I'll put a tutorial up later when I finish Curtain/Blanket Number three! Here are some pics!

It's hard to see, but there are vertical lines on the flannel where I sewed on each column of squares.
I did lay out all of the square first so that there wouldn't be any matching colors or squares.


grandmarockton said...

Waste not Want not! I think thats the old wives tale

Sew Divertimento said...

It is!!! And you'll be happy to know that the scraps that couldn't be used for this project are now being made into hexagons! Who knows what they'll become....