Friday, June 3, 2011

My Somewhat DIY Wedding (part 3 of infinity) : 'LOVIE' BLANKET

Our lovely niece was the flower girl for our wedding. She needed a special gift! I did some online searching of 'lovies' and 'blankies' and took notes from ones that I liked. Then I just went for it. I found THE SOFTEST fabric at the quilt shop. It is like rabbit fur in swirls! It's the main fabric in the picture below. It's so awesome that I bought a ton of it and just might make a lovie for myself!

She loved the feel of the satin flower so I decided to make the other side out of extra satin from the table runners that I made (will post in the future). I carried the satin over to the other side so there would be no seam on the edge. The satin was already cut into thin strips so I improvised and pieced a bit of flannel in the center. Good old SteamASeam and a satin stitch attached the felt "A" in the middle. All in all it worked out pretty well! =) The pictures really don't do it justice.

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