Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Somewhat DIY Wedding (part 4 of infinity) : CENTERPIECES

I wanted to make my own centerpieces for my wedding because I thought it would be fun, and save money. It turned out to be both!

My cousin saved me a bunch of Enfamil baby formula cans. I was planning on covering them with paper or fabric, but when we took off the labels we discovered a beautiful silver!!! =) No covering necessary!!!

I purchased all of the flowers and ribbon from Hobby Lobby 50% off. I watched the sales for a few months.

My tables were monochromatic : yellow, red, & pink. My sisters helped me put the ribbon on the cans. We just used basic glue (and they got some sticky fingers...) In hindsight Tacky Glue would have been a better choice. We covered up the seams by gluing on a monogram.

My mom did the finished touches. She sponged the edges of monograms with matching ink, she secured the ribbons on floral stakes so they would stay put, and she added the extra greenery, and bling. She arranged the flowers and they all looked great!

I wanted some 'bling' in them as well and when we looked at Hobby Lobby everything was either too gaudy or totally expensive. As a result I bought some wire and beads and made my own bling to go in the center.

To make a little 'bling' :
You need 32 gauge wire, and the beads can really be any size. I used 4mm and 6mm. 1. Cut a piece of wire about 10 inches long.
2. Put a bead in the center of the wire.
3. Bring the two ends of the wire together (keeping the bead in the center)and twist very close to the bead. This keeps the bead in place. About four or five twists do the trick!
4. Then 'branch' out and continue adding beads and twisting wire! tada!

All in all I think they turned out great!

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